Building championship cultures - one team at a time.

We have a long history working in professional and amateur sports, with athletes, teams and coaches. In fact, we were founded in athletics.

Creating champions on-and-off the field

In the late 1960s, the first recipients of the nascent Pacific Institute education were Lou Tice’s high school football team members. After their parents and Lou saw the changes in the children, Lou was compelled to prepare the education for broader use. With a football team that went from the bottom to the top of the league, during one season, there was reason to believe that this effect would not only work in schools but would be valuable in the corporate world as well. The Pacific Institute® was birthed.

“Watching Lou help others to function at higher and higher levels helped me put into words what I’d known instinctively back then: that the simple act of making thoughtful, affirmative statements about who we are and what we want to achieve can be an incredibly powerful tool for getting the best possible performance out of ourselves.”

– Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Winners of Superbowl XLVIII

Developing the Mindset of Champions

The Pacific Institute’s education is built upon the research from cognitive science and social learning theory. It employs results from such luminaries as Dr. Albert Bandura of Stanford University, Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Gary Latham of the University of Toronto. Our mindset education takes the complex research results and makes them easy to understand and easy to implement – personally, professionally and organizationally.

Through the years, introducing effective thinking skills education to sports teams and athletes throughout the world has continued to be a focus for The Pacific Institute. The programs have been the driving force behind some extraordinary results:

University of Alabama Football: Creating a Culture of Champions

Nick Saban was hired by the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team in 2007, and was pummeled by a 7-6 record that same season. Coach Saban brought in The Pacific Institute and put his players through the PX2® program during training camp in 2008. It didn’t take long for the Crimson Tide to become the number one ranked team in the country, leading to an eventual 12-2 record.

The Pacific Institute returned in 2009 to induct incoming freshmen and provide a refresher course for returners, which led to the BCS National Championship in 2010, and Alabama’s first Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram. Saban was named “The Most Powerful Coach in Sports,” and featured on the front cover of Forbes Magazine in 2008.

Because of the immense success the Institute has had with the University of Alabama’s football team, TPI has been asked to implement their curriculum with Alabama’s basketball team, as well as football squads from Oklahoma and Arizona State.


National Champions


Increase in Wins from 2007 to 2008


Record in 2009

We've worked with athletes across a variety of sports and countries:

University of Alabama

American Football

Deportivo Saprissa

Football (Soccer)

Fedefut Guatemala

Football (Soccer)

Edmonton Oilers


USA Swimming


Kirk Gibson


Jaguares de Chiapas

Football (Soccer)

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