Overcome "organizational headwind"
Take your performance to new levels

In today's world of accelerating change and increasing demands, unless you change the way you think, you are locked into yesterday's performance. The Pacific Institute® specializes in creating mindsets for high performance.



Fresh thinking unleashes creativity and allows you to respond to today’s ever-changing environment.

Resistance to change, slow responsiveness, “can’t do” attitude and lack of innovation are signs of a mindset issue. Our proprietary solutions ignite new ways of thinking that overcome resistance, sharpen your organization’s agility, drive creativity and accountability.


Your Team

Aligned teams are more effective, efficient and productive.

Lack of engagement, trust, bureaucracy and silos all hinder team performance. Alignment drives organizational focus, engagement and resilience. Using proven tools and methodologies, we work together with you to build a culture that is more adaptable and innovative, allowing you to reach ever-higher levels of achievement.


Your Performance

High performance thinking and team alignment drive high performance results.

Flat topline growth or weak profits, continuing safety issues or less than expected results from strategic initiatives are not fixed with increased pressure. New thinking and aligned culture creates a “want to” vs a “have to” mindset that produces focused energy and faster results.

Find Out How

For the past 40 years, we’ve been improving productivity and profitability in organizations around the world.

Financial Services











Financial Services

"The Pacific Institute has helped us unleash our potential. We are a different bank than the one they first started working with. Then we were stable horses,​ now we’re a herd of thoroughbreds.​ They have helped us become more agile, better thinkers, better team players, more courageous. Without them, we wouldn’t have been ‘ready’.”

Leon Holschback, CEO, Midland States Bank


Increase in Net Revenue


Increase in Net Income


Increase in Wealth Management AUA

Global Reach

Local Perspective

With a global experience in over 60 countries, we bring an expansive world view and deep cultural understanding to every client. Whether your organization operates in one country or across the globe, we tailor each engagement to meet your unique language, geographic and cultural requirements.

From improving productivity and profitability in multinational companies to fostering peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland, there isn’t much we haven’t done.

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Breaking out of #STUCKNESS takes Creativity, Innovation and “Out-of-the-box” thinking.  #InvestmentinExcellence
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